From the basic fashion of the Negramaro band to the on-trend patterned shirt: the best editorials for February


It takes all sorts to make a world. No saying could be so apt as this one is for the February survey of best editorials: it has an explosion of different colours and styles that narrate the kaleidoscopic world of Xacus women’s and men’s shirts.

Gentleman’s Quarterly alias GQ Italia – proposes light-hearted, exotic nostalgia with a floral-patterned shirt that gives a foretaste of the summer season already around the corner. There’s a particular focus on the businessman who’s always on the move, and who finds his perfect solution in the Xacus range of wrinkle free men’s shirts The Journey Collection, impeccable even when carried in a trolley-bag or briefcase. Jeans and biscuit-coloured jacket, in lightweight or suede fabric, are the perfect companions for a Henley or a checked shirt, which give a casual and, at times, laid back look.

We take a trip into the future with the previews of the Xacus F/W 2019 collection revealed by Fashion, showing checks and flannel shirts in different weights in warm autumn shades: red, brown and burgundy reign supreme in this selection of men’s shirts.

Colour is paramount in the funky look, off the “straight and narrow” (in every sense – editor’s note), proposed by Lampoon, which mixes the most disparate patterns with extreme audacity. A combination with very bright and almost psychedelic colour nuances focuses on a blue Xacus shirt with yellow stripes.

Vanity Fair brings us back to the world of basic fashion with the essentiality of white shirts customized by the stylist for all the members of the Negramaro band of musicians. The same trend is shown in Vogue Italia, which presents a choice of white shirts for women in all variations. Cotton shirts are matched with a wool-and-silk blend jacket and a pair of cycling shorts in technical fabric, for an irreverent effortless chic effect. Poplin shirts, enhanced only with jewellery and with the right poise, create a sophisticated but at the same time pure and simple look.