A preview of the Active-shirt online at the Xacus e-shop


The first preview of the long-awaited Active-shirt collection of men’s shirts, one of the stars of The Journey Collection, is available online. Exclusively in our e-shop, you’ll find the first shirts designed for the man constantly on the move, epitomising the partnership between comfort and technology.  

With its innovative texture made up of polyamide and elastane yarn, these men’s Active-shirts are 360° stretch, are comfortable and look impeccable in any situation where you’re moving around: they are a real synthesis of elegance and practicality. The percentage of elastic fibre in the fabric offers maximum comfort and absolute freedom of movement, guaranteeing that the shape stays perfect at all times.


The Active-shirt is an antibacterial garment with extremely high breathability performance, capable of giving a feeling of freshness and lightness to whoever is wearing it, and remaining perfect over time even after repeated washes.

Easy-care and with an ultra-rapid drying capacity, the complete collection that goes by the name of Active-shirts will have sixteen variants, including new introductions of fake denim, false plain fabrics and exclusive micro-patterns.

But there’s more: thanks to the use of polyamide and elastane, our production systems are designed to cut down on water wastage and promote a sustainable economy by reducing wastage of raw materials and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. Our model centres on the sustainability of the system, in which there are no waste products and raw materials are constantly reused. Thus we produce men’s shirts that are designed to be easily repaired or even transformed, so that they can be used as new resources for other products.