The Xacus Active Shirt climbs the shop windows of the Brian & Berry Building in Milan.


Milano, via Durini, in the shop windows in the centre of the fashion capital of Italy, there’s an elegant businessman scaling one of the city walls. No, it’s not fake news, but the new Xacus shop window in the Brian & Berry Building in Milan, designed to draw attention to the amazing versatility of the Active-Shirt, one of the exclusive garments in the brand’s The Journey Collection.

A challenge, the determination needed to reach the highest peak, like the arduous situations every professional faces every day, accompanied by a shirt that leaves him maximum freedom to move. Made using a polyamide and elastane yarn, the Active-shirt is highly breathable, thanks also to its exclusive Japanese technology. The 3D stretch fabric dries rapidly and ensures maximum comfort and freedom of movement in any situation.


A choice based on style that is also big on eco-friendliness: in fact, our production systems are designed to reduce the wastage of water and they run on electricity from renewable sources to reduce CO2 emissions and favour a circular, sustainable economy.

The Active-Shirt fits the physique perfectly and makes you feel at ease in all situations, allowing you to move in ways you could only dream about when wearing a normal shirt. Designed for those who adore elegance but need a practical garment, the stretch yarns by Xacus always look tidy, as if they’d just been ironed, and are the ultimate, state-of-the-art version of the no iron shirt.