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There are times when it is important to stand out. Particular occasions where style is noted and appreciated.
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There are aspects of the ceremonial or evening shirt that make it unique and exclusive, for unrepeatable, top class events.

Collar and accessories

The collar can be diplomatic, Italian or French but must be strictly edge stitching, that is, at the edge of the fabric. Cuff links are essential as they are the quintessential expression of elegance though they can be replaced by the French cuff in this case, the removable button and double buttonhole allow you to insert the timeless, sophisticated cuff links. The mother of pearl buttons at the front can be kept in view or concealed by a covered front placket for a more clean-cut look on the front of the shirt.

Dinner jackets lend themselves to being accompanied by a plastron on more formal occasions, and can be honeycomb or pleated. Accessories and details are all put together with passion and taste, as only the finest men's tailoring tradition can guarantee.


The fabrics selected are good quality, ideal for showing off a top quality shirt: satin twill, pure white poplin and micro weaves. Thanks to the choice of these bright, vibrant materials, the colouring takes on light and personality. The chromatic range, from optical white to pearl grey right up to soft cream, is particularly enhanced and of considerable prestige. In any case, we are talking about shirts and fabric that are ideal for events that demand the utmost elegance: a gala dinner with important guests, the wedding of your best friend, an unforgettable soirée at the theatre or opera, or a formal business meeting.

There is an ideal shirt for every occasion,
even the most special ones.
So you are ready when meeting special people.