Cufflinks: Precious accessories to french cuff shirts


Whether in gold, silver, simple or double, cufflinks bring out the best in a man’s shirt.
Cufflinks come in different shapes and colours, can be engraved or plain, decorated with stones or enamelled, and they add both class and prestige to a garment.

Cufflinks date back to the late 19th century as a more secure way in which to fasten cuffs, seeing as shirts were highly starched and the fabric rather stiff, and they went on to become aesthetic accessories, able to add an extra touch of elegance to a man’s shirt.

They are used on French cuffs (also known as “double cuffs”) which, since they are longer than the classic shirt cuff, need to be folded. These cuffs have a buttonhole but no button.

There are different types of cufflinks in line with different styles.
Fixed backing cufflink, made in a single piece of metal.
Bullet-back cufflink, with a bullet-shaped capsule, set between two clips, which flips 90 degrees to secure.
Whale back cufflink, which has this name because the part that closes the link is similar to a whale tail.
Chain link cufflink: this consists of two identical decorative faces, linked together by a small chain.

Cufflinks can be worn on important occasions such as gala events, to add refinement to an outfit or they can be worn on an evening out with brokers from high finance. Cufflinks are impeccable when worn with a classic white shirt, where the simple, sober garment allows the particular features of the cufflink to stand out.
It is frequent to create contrasting effects with the different tones of cufflinks and French cuffs that bring out the best in the accessory.

Just a few simple rules are all you need to enhance a men’s shirt: the right cufflinks will guarantee the perfect look!

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