Shirts in houndstooth check or stripes: all the style of Business Casual.


Business Casual is where formal meets creative, with perfect results. It’s where a suit and tie make way for a redefinition of the office dress code, where the new bywords are “elegance” and “practicality”. It’s also where the rules of office wear lose their formal stiffness and outfits become more “relaxed”, but no less suited to today’s business setting. It’s where dress is still a powerful form of non-verbal communication. The right look in fact conveys our identity from the start, showing something of us and our expertise.

Business casual is the ideal attire to express your personality, even in a generally formal setting, such as the workplace. It is all about giving a creative twist to the more traditional office wear combinations. And of course, comfort is still key, because looking professional but relaxed is the right way to feel good and work better.

Perfect Business Casual outfit combinations.

Business Casual shirts are a great combination of elegance, a tailored fit and stylish patterns to enhance the style of any look with perfect mixing and matching.

A striped shirt is ideal and also essential, with its unique style and fascinating elegance, both at work and at play. The possibility to mix up colours and different textures means it can be used to create a look with jacket and trousers, working with shades of the same colour. Like bright brown, which stands out on the stripes of this soft shirt in poplinwith a double twist. The stripes create a seamlessness of weave and style when paired with these biscuit-coloured corduroy pants. A classic design with a brand new contemporary feel, expressed with lively red stripes on this shirt, or even in a blue stripe, to pair with denim trousers with a pleat, creating an informal but always professional result. For those who prefer a sportier look, this button-down shirt with fine light blue stripes is an elegant item that pairs beautifully with an unstructured blazer or a soft cashmere sweater.

For a more British flavour, but still with a casual feel, why not try a houndstooth check shirt? With its characteristic geometric design, it looks just as great with a jacket and trousers as with a navy blue, slim-fit suit. The choice ranges from the version with a smaller, light blue texture - a perfect alternative to a solid colour shirt, passing via slightly larger weaves in blue, and on to the large design model, for those of you who like a bold choice that still reflects good taste. And what can we say about the two-tone houndstooth check in blue and brown? It’s a perfect combination of sober style and a bolder look; one that can be made to stand out over pale grey chinos and brown lace-up brogues, for a business look that is professional, yet dynamic and modern at the same time.


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