Style icons: George Clooney, elegant Hollywood superstar


From the pale blue shirt of Doctor Ross in E.R., to a black tux on the red carpet.

It seems easy enough to sum up the whole career of Hollywood’s best-paid actor in 2018, according to Forbes, in just two outfits, but the truth is that both in the TV series that made his name and in real life, George Clooney can enchant anyone.

Penetrating gaze and a cordial smile, on and off the screen: a natural elegance that is also expressed in his casual outfits, but shown at its best in the evening wear that has made him a modern style icon.


The secret of such dazzling success? A clean-cut, no-frills dress code, created with just a few key pieces: men’s shirt with Kent collar, and tailored jackets that range from sky blue to grey, triumphing in black, the colour of pure elegance. Black is of course the very essence of the dinner suit, the outfit that ensures Mr. Clooney dominates the camera lenses of the photographers seeking to put his face on the cover. Just a few key items show the nature of this formal outfit with vintage and contemporary appeal: tailored men’s shirt, strictly white, cuffs fastened with silver links, black silk bow tie with tight knot, and a matching jacket with wide satin lapels, ready to reflect the lights of the flashes.


Outside the studios, ex-thief Danny from Ocean’s Eleven chooses from the different destinations in which to spend his relaxation time, including all over Italy. At Lake Como, he is often spotted “astride” his motorbike, while wearing comfy, wide-fitting trousers, paired to contrast the biker style of his tight-fitting leather jacket. The streets of Venice, chosen by the star for his wedding last year, is where Clooney strolls about, away from the spotlight, in jeans, blazer and a men’s shirt with open collar, worn with nonchalant style, as if it were a T-shirt.

As well as memorable outfits, what else is hiding in the much longed-for wardrobe of the oh-so-desirable George? The awareness that being a style icon takes just a few elements – a shirt and not much more – but above all, that what you need is class and charisma.


Photo : Actor George Clooney - 66th Venice International Film Festival | Nicolas Genin | Flickr

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