All the nuances of the jersey in the new Xacus Elements collection


Garments to be worn next to the skin, offering a new take on the art of shirt tailoring, by applying it to different items for both men and women. This is the proposal of Xacus Elements, an extension of the collection that will be available for Spring Summer 2019. The jersey becomes the fil rouge of this proposal, offering a brand new perception of the wardrobe: timeless, original garments that break down the boundaries between formal and informal outfits, presenting a basic chic look that dallies with shades of sportiness, yet always maintains a contemporary feel. And just as for the shirt, Xacus Elements suggests a fluid, universal style that emerges with great effect in every context thanks to the quality of the details and the choice of yarns and shapes.

The “elements” that make up the men’s version of Xacus Elements express themselves in a collection comprising four full-fashioned pullovers in a single 100% linen yarn, two sweatshirts in a blend of fabric/shirt fabric and a terry velour sweatshirt. It also features the classic polo shirt/shirt in piquet fabric and mako cotton and an “elegant” t- shirt” in piquet and in a cotton/linen stripe.

Instead, for women, Xacus Elements focuses on practical, functional garments to be worn next to the skin, in line with a sporty chic style. The collection presents five pieces of full-fashioned knitwear mixed with classic shirt fabrics, from the cardigan that “closes” by overlapping to the new t-shirt in Tricot and Poplin. Additionally, again for women, the range presents five elements in jersey and fleece: a new “polo” designed to be both elegant and timeless at the same time and garments in fleece mixed with the prints of the collection – applied edge to edge – including a shirt in piquet mixed with cotton silk voile and with a transparent check, and a polo dress. A cross-style collection where the typical drop stitches used in knitwear are used to finish the parts combined with shirt fabrics.

Xacus Elements therefore becomes the new contemporary classic because it travels in a horizon beyond time, embodying a new kind of eternal, ethereal beauty for the man and woman of today.