The Journey Collection
Tailored shirts to fit your life

A wrinkle-free collection, designed
for people who are constantly on the move.


This wrinkle-free shirt in 100% organic cotton
is made of high-quality raw materials
such as Giza, gro
The specially treated double-twisted yarns give life to a high-performance fabric that uses the body’s heat to prevent the formation of creases while wearing the garment. The Travel-shirt is breathable, comes in bright colours and is soft to the touch.


From Japanese technology a high-tech shirt for people living an active lifestyle, always on the move.
The Active-shirt is very comfortable for any activity, made of highly breathable, 3D stretch polyamide and elastane yarn that dries very quickly. It has the elegance of a formal shirt and the extreme performance of being always perfect.


The result of a prestigious collaboration
with Reda, Italian masters
of wool processing since 1865.
The Merino-shirt is wrinkle-free, breathable, odourless and temperature regulating. A shirt, made of extra fine New Zealand merino wool, obtained sustainably and without recur to mulesing. The Merino-shirt is the true expression of technological innovation, in pure Italian style.