A shirt that takes care of its wearer’s health because
it is made in fabrics that use technologies able to eliminate germs and microbes.

The Journey Collection
presents X-Care

Shirts to prevent the spread of germs and microbes, destroying them in minutes. The technology used in Viroformula™ fabrics was developed by Albini Group, together with Swiss company Heiq.

Xacus X-Care

There are two patented technologies that make X-Care shirts a valid answer to the pathogens generally present in areas with a good deal of human traffic, such as means of transport, stations and airports.

X-Care clothing provides greater protection for those wearing them during working days until they return home. The active load lasts for up to 30 washes, without altering the physical characteristics of the item.

How it works

Small silver particles activate reactions against pathogens, binding with the sulphur groups that are found permanently in microbes. As well as this action, a second technology uses fatty vesicles (liposomes) that destroy germs, wearing down their protective membranes, which are formed by cholesterol.

Specific ISO18184, ISO20743 and AATCC 100 tests that assess the antiviral and antibacterial characteristics in the textiles, found positive protective results and certified the effectiveness of the active ingredients. The fabrics have been dermatologically tested, resulting as non-irritants and therefore, as harmless on the skin.