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the shirt anatomy

The first book dedicated
to the world of shirt

144 pages / 98 illustrations /
50 photographs / 1 writer
Xacus’ work tells the story of the origin of the shirt and its evolution
in a fascinating journey that leads you to the different weaves,
helping to recognize the many different types of shirt,
when and how to wear it, and lastly how to look after it...
28 components,
tied together by 150 meters of wire and 11 buttons.
A shirt comprises
numerous interconnected elements
which together produce a unique and complex organism…
Discover the quality of a fabric
through titration
Theoretically, the quality of
the thread of a fibre
depends on its thickness. However…
Simple steps to
wear a shirt well
Each gesture and each action
are expressions of a body’s dynamism
and its capacity to react to external stimuli,
just like a shirt…
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