A Festive Menu from Antonio Lorenzon: culinary evolution from a tailor-made chef


A chat with Antonio Lorenzon, next-generation chef from Bassano del Grappa who, after winning the ninth Italian Master Chef also reached the top of the best seller list with his book “Una cucina diversa”, 8 menus for entertaining in style. This volume shows his respect for traditional cuisine and the necessary evolution of those dishes that make our country’s cuisine so great, and which show how Lorenzon has been able to make a difference, on and off the world’s most famous cooking programme.

A mix of tradition and innovation that unites all of the most important businesses Made in Italy in this important period of digital transition. Companies like Xacus, which has taken a path that it can renew every season, thanks to its research into fabrics and models. A mission that reflects the Xacus customer, who will always find the perfect solution to reflect his or her personality in many different ways. Great classics with a new fit and in more comfortable fabrics, accompanied by shirts with bolder styles for those who need to showcase their personality and irresistible creative appeal.

An example of elegance mixed up with a healthy dose of imagination is chef, Antonio Lorenzon. We met up with him to talk about festive menus and styles “according to him”, since he serves up the same values as we do here at Xacus: care for tradition.
His style is original - even under his apron - and includes jackets and  printed shirts chosen with care. He comes back to the table with a selection of dishes that reflect traditional Mediterranean cuisine, but revamped with his own innovative personality.

“A culinary style is simple and dramatic at the same time. I like to think that the appearance of a dish needs to be in total harmony with its flavours. That's why I continue to look for the perfect combination of food that tastes as good as it looks. It’s the reason why I never just provide a recipe: I suggest whole menus, each one with several dishes that work really well together. Having someone over for dinner means taking care of them, making them happy, while they are in our home. This means that the whole hospitality experiences has to include the choice of recipe and menu, as well as the choice of a perfectly decorated setting. Good looks and good tastes come together in a different type of cuisine”, says the chef, who for the Christmas meal suggests a range of traditional Italian dishes, including a risotto with radicchio, sausage and amarone wine, fassona beef tartare with a pecorino cheese fondue, and seared duck breast with orange sauce. And to end, his famous panettone with wild strawberries, Madagascar vanilla, and white chocolate.

I’ve tried to bring back the flavours of Christmas dinners of my childhood, serving the rich flavours of those ‘80s menus, but this time, with a more contemporary feel”.

And to serve up style at Christmas and New Year's Eve...
 “The classic chunky Christmas sweater for me, my boyfriend, and the rest of the family, while on New Year’s Eve, the look is always a bit more elegant.”

Like a dinner suit?

“Perhaps. I’d wear an elaborate dinner suit, with a blue damask silk jacket, which I like very much, with a dress shirt, but I’m not sure about a bow tie. If the evening allowed, I would go without. But if I do decide to wear one, it would be in burgundy velvet.”

And the perfect shoes for a dinner suit?

“I’d go for a classic: a nice patent brogue.”

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