An original mix of innovation and trend: the new Xacus autumn/winter shirts for women


Autumn is officially here and the time has come to present the new Xacus shirts for women. After presenting items for men, here are the highlights of the collection for women this autumn/winter.

The latest range is a transversal game that touches on a number of topics: volume, length, fabrics and the clothing's geometry are redefined for a new, contemporary use.
The Xacus shirt for women has been re-invented, enriched in volume and fabrics, without ever losing its original DNA. We are offering new lengths that see the item transform into a mini dress or short tunic. We can also confirm the trend of soft, mixed over sizes that alternate with neater, more classical styles on offer.
The key players in the fabrics are the more masculine ones with a certain weight: from shirts in flannel, wool and fulled wool, right up to light wool typically found in suits, proposed in a micro Prince of Wales.
The game continues in the prints: here we find flocked fabrics, relief prints with a more conceptual connotation, as well as items that are almost pop, with small animals that become the subject of geometrical prints and all over optical.
As is the case with every Xacus shirt for women, the details are important and make the product stand out: we are talking about various sizes of buttons, small jewels and the precious mother of pearl, used on its rougher side to create a tone of grey closer to the colours in fashion this season.
The new collection is also a search for new balances: the spun fabrics with lurex insert bring out the femininity of the item and create unusual shirts with fil coupé base, combining with strictly masculine cuts.
The chromatic palette is softened as it develops in tones of grey, beige and white to which hints of colour are added, creating the perfect harmony.

The new Xacus F/W 2017-2018 collection includes shirts, dresses and blouses that integrate perfectly with any kind of outfit. Wear them any time: at work, over a temperate weekend, in the open-air of the mountains, or at an elegant party. The variety of materials, cuts and geometries bring new life to your creative flair that will give rise to completely new, cool combinations.

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