Blouses and dresses: refined evening look


You will undoubtedly have wanted to wear something trendy, sophisticated and completely unpredictable. There are times when you look for items of clothing with sophisticated details that can attract attention while also conveying exceptional elegance, possibly for an evening in the company of friends or for a special dinner.
Here are two starters with differing items of clothing, but ones which have an ability to create a chic look in common that does not go unobserved: we are talking about elegant blouses and dresses.

This delicate item of clothing can easily be combined and is soft to wear. However, it is not just comfort that makes this three-quarter length sleeved grey mélange blouse stand out. The collar is the detail that refines this blouse: it is a mix of turtleneck and boat neckline that expresses itself in a comfortable, modern cut. The same model is outlined by soft movements that are so typical of current trends.
Emma is an elegant blouse that can be matched with a black two-tier skirt that softens the outfit with delicate transparency. In addition, the special collar can be highlighted with a gathered hairstyle.

There are elegant dresses that know how to convey their quality with original details without being ostentatious. Sonia is one of these because being essential it reveals the highly tactile, glittering side of its character.
This velvet dress with its soft lines creates sparkle between its light folds, especially those that come alive on the Poet style sleeves and under the stitching on the top part of the back.
Sonia can be worn with a pair of black leggings and matched with a warm wool coat, again in a dark colour.

Whether you pick the outfit with the blouse or dress, you know you can rely on two items of clothing with non-conventional, elegant details, perfect for a special evening.

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