Do you fancy looking causally chic in this summer’s heat? Ginny is the sleeveless blouse for you


The elegance and refinement of a classic blouse are reinterpreted by Xacus in a more relaxed look. We are talking about Ginny, the iconic sleeveless top that is part of the Xacus Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Ginny is perfect for the hottest months of the year because with no sleeves you feel freer and at your ease, while still being elegant. 

Ginny is a simple sleeveless blouse with an innocent, pure feel to it. And this is its strong point, because sometimes simplicity is worth more than a thousand trappings. Slightly flared, it folds gently over the hips with a deep V-neck, both front and back. This top is made of fine white cotton with a contrasting yellow or pink floral pattern. In fact, the delicate floral pattern is worked with fil coupe, a particular technique that involves cutting the threads of the fabric, making the garment soft to the touch.

Thanks to this detailed elegant working, the sleeveless Ginny is the ideal blouse for the woman who wants a casual-chic style, thus appropriate for a variety of occasions: from the office or shopping with friends during the day, to the evening for an aperitif or a dinner. What can it be worn with? Ginny is an excellent basic piece that can be worn with a pair of linen trousers in a light or pastel shade. Perfect with a pair of leather slip-ons for a casual look, or sandals with a bit of a heel for a more refined effect.

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