Formal shirts for men


There are shirts for special occasions, shirts for everyday wear, and sporty, casual shirts. The world of shirts is without doubt, vast and with many facets.
Today we are taking a look at formal shirts, what they are and their different features.

The white shirt

Timeless elegance that can go with any outfit. The neutral white shade allows all other garments to stand out, while still not passing unnoticed.
This type of shirt has a straight-point collar, standard or French cuffs, and front placket with internal button fastening, and it is usually made in poplin, Oxford or silk.

The striped shirt

The formal look of the striped shirt is softer than that of the white shirt, but it maintains its serious effect when the stripes are in a single colour on a white background or alternated with white stripes.
It is a shirt with a brighter, bolder look and a cool, fresh appeal, making it ideal for wear in the warmer seasons.

The Oxford shirt

This shirt is made in a medium- to high-weight fabric, and features a pinpoint effect. It is created with heavier threads in the weave and is strong, thick and made to last. This shirt usually stands out for its two small darts in the back and its flared collar. The Oxford shirt is ideal for cooler seasons and is the perfect choice for more formal occasions.

The button-down shirt

This is the only shirt where the collar wings, without stiffeners, are secured to the shirt with two buttons. It is a classical shirt that, according to the outfit chosen, can be worn more or less formally.

Every occasion has its perfect shirt. And now you know which one you need for stylish, elegant results.

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