#IMSTAYINGHOME: the perfect shirts for smart working.


We are getting more and more used to the new work needs and methods.  If your work has become smart, then we can help with outfits to follow the same philosophy, but with all of your usual professional style, as we talked about in our earlier article. For our work-at-home-wear, we need to choose comfy clothes, in fabrics that allow us to feel at ease and which aren’t tight or constrictive. Neutral shades are a good choice, as they match each other easily and can create a perfect look from the outset. Let’s take a look at the best shirts for smart working.


Active-shirt: innovating comfort.

Thanks to the innovative structure consisting of a polyamide and elastane fibre, Active-shirts offer the utmost comfort and perfect freedom to move, following the body’s movements naturally without constricting it in any way. 3D stretch fabric, made by recycling old fishing nets abandoned on the sea bed, is able to offer you the utmost cool lightness and breathability, while continuing to look perfect, wash after wash, after wash. A shirt that can go with you anywhere, even from your living room to your home office, without losing any of its unmistakable style and above all, without creasing.

Jersey shirts: elegant softness.

A great classic with a timeless charm: the jersey shirt will never go unnoticed and is a guarantee of maximum comfort, softness and flexibility. Since jersey is a knitted fabric, it has a natural stretch, even if made in 100% cotton lisle. Soft to the touch, crease-proof and able to mould perfectly to your body, giving you a unique feeling of comfort.  Its elegant but not overly formal appearance makes it ideal for smart work, even when paired with a comfy knitted waistcoat or a cardigan.


Stretch shirts: unbeatable style and fit.

To affirm your style and class while maintaining performance, the solution is a stretch shirt. Made in stretch poplin with 96% cotton to give you a totally natural feel on your skin, together with the great comfort that comes from this fibre. Perfect for all seasons, thanks to its breathability and flexibility, a stretch shirt will make sure you convey a sense of sober elegance that will support any remote call or meeting.


If your day is a flood of emails, chats and calls, wearing a good-looking shirt that is as comfortable as it is stylish, will put you at ease, giving you the boost you need to deal with long days at home in perfect style.

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