#IMSTAYINGHOME: what to wear for smart working.


The corona virus emergency has meant that so many of us have had to change our routines, and first and foremost, the way we work. Smart working or more exactly, home working, is what we are doing now. Before, our main problem was how to dress before running off to the office, while now, the question is what to wear to stay at home. Sweatsuit or not? PJs or a shirt? Comfort or professional style? This seems to be a question that millions are asking themselves when they connect to their workplace every morning, ready to do their job. While this is certainly not going to be talked about at any upcoming fashion weeks, we would like to take a look at the best attitude and outfit to wear when you’re smart working. Because work is not just a matter of organisation, time and tasks, it’s also a question of style.

Xacus’ tips for perfect work-at-home-wear.

The main challenge seems to be: how do we recreate our office mindset at home? Of course, spending the day in pyjamas is probably not a great idea; even if comfort does have a part to play, too much of a relaxed look isn’t going to help us work better. Another good idea is to maintain our normal morning routine:  getting washed, dressed and ready in the same way we usually do for a day out at work is what helps us to maintain the right mental attitude as well as looking different and better. Clothes can also influence our mood, our focus and our motivation, which means one of the best ways to meet the challenge of smart working is to dress to suit any eventuality. This doesn’t mean that you have to put on a suit or a dress; all you need is to follow a few tips, like wearing a nice shirt, a blazer when you need it, a pair of trousers or even jogging bottoms (as long as they coordinate with the colours you are wearing), with a pair of comfy slippers or a pair of sneakers. No shorts or worn-out old t-shirts that we wouldn’t even wear to the shops, as this would convey an image that is too removed from our usual look, and which would make us even less focused and able to do our job to the best of our abilities. If we get a video call then we might give the impression of someone who’s just got out of bed instead of the professional image expected of us, sending out the wrong message. We should always try to abide by our company’s culture and adapt to its standards, and although we can still go without a tie, if we are usually formally dressed, we shouldn’t ignore our good (and stylish) habits.   Wearing office clothes at home is also a good way to remind the family that we are actually busy and shouldn’t be disturbed, and in the same way, once the office hours are over, we can still change into comfier clothing.

Attention to the way we look and dress can be a great help in this period, because what we wear doesn’t just change our appearance; it also gives weight to what we say in the minds of those looking at us. And if you’re looking for inspiration, then why not take a look at our 3 fabulous outfits for fantastic work-at-home wear?

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