Men’s shirts and trousers: Cool combinations – Part I


Denim, plain, checks or linen: there are many types of men’s shirts to choose from.
But what is the best way to combine them with trousers and create a cool look that makes an impression?

Here are some tips for an impeccable look – a useful style guide that will help you create the perfect combination in minutes.

Contrasting effects

Pale shirts look great with dark trousers because the contrast highlights the two different colour tones.

The timeless white shirt, for example, is brilliantly set off by trousers in navy blue or earth colours, such as chocolate or camel brown.
The same applies to shirts in sky blue, pink and beige pastels.

Similarly, when you are wearing a dark-coloured shirt, then you should choose light-coloured trousers.
A black shirt is sure to stand out when worn with grey, cream, beige or even khaki.

Checks, stripes, textures and plain shades

The striped or checked shirt needs plain trousers that will frame and highlight the pattern of the shirt fabric. The rule is different when the trousers are pinstriped or have a geometric weave, when it is the shirt that needs to be plain or to have a light dotted texture.

Combined fabrics

Khaki chinos in 100% cotton twill can look on trend when worn with a men’s denim shirt, or a shirt in flannel or cotton.
Linen or denim trousers need a linen shirt; the unmistakable creased look will create a style that is the perfect blend of casual and chic.

Wool or corduroy work well with jeans, khaki chinos or a cotton-linen blend, while a silk shirt or a shirt in synthetic fabric is best with jeans or trousers in linen or polyester.

Our tips don’t end here. Keep following us for more tips and ideas for how to create the perfect style combinations!

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