More about men’s shirts fabrics: Jacquard, creativity you can wear


Late 18th-century France. The French Revolution has now ended but there is another revolution on its way, one that will overturn the textile world. Innovation arrived quickly, accompanied by a desire for progress, such as the one that animated the life of one Joseph-Marie Jacquard, inventor of the loom that bears his name. And as all revolutions bring turmoil, his machine would too - speeding up textile production but also requiring much less labour. Since its arrival, this invention has become a standard in the textile industry and even gave its name to a type of weave: Jacquard.


In men’s shirts, this weave can be used to create complex patterns directly in the fabric, including geometric designs, small waffle weaves, and delicate embossing. Thanks to this technique, there is no limit to the designer’s creativity. Cotton and silk yarns can be used to enhance and embellish fabric with diamond or star motifs, placed regularly over the fabric, or used to create dark and light colour effects in the form of micro pattern details. This versatility is what makes Jacquard men’s shirts so perfect for any occasion: from casual chic office wear through to more preppy styles for free time and even more formal occasional or eveningwear.


Paired with jersey jackets or comfy blazers, Jacquard makes elegant detailing a standout, distinguishing feature; worn with jackets with a young style and slim-fit trousers it creates a modern, elegant style.

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