Over-sized shirt and T-shirt: casual mid-season chic.


For a couple of seasons now, over-sized fits have been seen more and more on catwalks the world over and, as well as wide-fitting pants, even over-sized shirts are bang on trend. Unlike classic shirts, over-sized ones have less classical styling and proportions.  In fact, they are not simply shirts that are one or more sizes bigger, they are actually a type of fit that in any case, enhances the figure in spite of the larger volume.

Over-sized shirt and T-shirt: the best combinations?

One of the most popular and at the same time talked about since the 1980s is definitely the T-shirt with shirt, a pairing that creates a style to be worn in any situation. When it is done right. There are general rules for this type of outfit. For example, never wear a tee under an elegant shirt, because the effect is the same as a white sock under dark trousers - totally out. 

The best shirts for this type of look are sporty with a vintage feel, maybe in denim or a flannel check, or even velvet. Corduroy with a retro charm that has been renewed over the years to become a casual wardrobe must-have, is perfect for this period. In the latest collection from Xacus we have a few corduroy shirts that are perfect over a T-shirt, whether you are seeking casual style or a more chic, elegant look.

For a  sportier style, we have chosen this corduroy shirt in army green with a wider weave, and yarn dyed for a soft vintage-chic effect that looks fantastic over a white tee, a pair of chinos and a some blue All Stars. An outfit that says metropolitan as well as collegewear. The same model in blue works well over a blue and white striped shirt, with a pair of army green wool trousers and some dark brown boat shoes, for a neo-dandy look

But if you’d prefer a combination that is more glam, you can choose this  pin-striped gabardine shirt in tones of beige, to pair with a light grey turtleneck, a pair of cool wool trousers in a deeper grey, and dark brown ankle boots. A classy look that can even take you to meetings with clients. If you’d rather choose a sportier, more versatile outfit, we have a variation in blue to wear unbuttoned, over a white tee or light denim shirt, a pair of camel chinos and white kicks, for a look with a clear streetstyle reference.

Velvet and corduroy shirts, with their ’70s charm, are a wardrobe essential if you want to express your style with a range of different, layered outfits. Shop them all!

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