Rita, the sophisticated check shirt for your winter days out


The check shirt is in fashion this autumn/winter 2017/2018 season. Checks are playing a key role on the catwalks and in clothes shops though not just on shirts, but also on trousers, skirts, clothes and accessories.

This month's outfit is created with this highly popular item of clothing and as soon as the temperatures dropped we picked Rita: the flannel check shirt.
The model is special because of its easy to wear fit, indeed the shirt is comfortable at the front and longer at the back, as well as being slightly flared. The buttons at the front are concealed: the only visible button is on the Mandarin collar, designed high to keep you warmer.
You will undoubtedly already have female check shirts in your wardrobe, but Rita is not your standard tartan style; its trendy, sophisticated fit makes it unique!

The Madras check flannel adds life to a check grey, white and black shirt that can be matched with clothes in these three colours, thus proving highly versatile.
In this outfit, it is matched with a pair of white denim trousers in Capri style with the ankles left exposed.
The dark grey leather American style shoes finish off the outfit, chosen not just for the sporty look they bring to the outfit but also because they are comfortable.

Comfort is, in fact, the key to this combination, designed for occasions spent out of the home, over the weekend or on holiday. It is ideal for a walk in the city centre or in a mountain location. It is an outdoor outfit which, if necessary, can be finished off with a warm, comfortable fitting black down jacket.
This casual though sought-after style shirt creates a comfort-chic outfit that lends itself to numerous occasions and precisely for this reason, next week, we will recommend a combination for men, to be used on similar occasions.

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