Store Windows with Xacus Shirts: Zoe Boutique


Elegant, sporty, chic, and casual, Xacus shirts come in a range of different styles to dress a wide variety of tastes and trends.
When it comes to choosing fabrics, workmanship, colour palettes and details, we are guided by high stylistic values and materials, as well as by excellent comfort.

You can find our shirts in all Xacus stores or you can order them online, from our e-shop, and have them delivered in just a few days.
They are also available from the Zoe Boutique concept stores in Bassano and Pietrasanta, where our shirts, dresses and blouses have been chosen to add to their ranges in store.

Zoe Boutique opened its doors selling lingerie and swimwear in 1998. Since then, it has expanded its ranges to include clothing and accessories. Its style is all about making room for all types of style in line with the different tastes of different women: from the most on-trend elegance, through to more classic styles.

The staff at Zoe Boutique are able to combine different outfits with exceptional taste, creating stunning looks that are subtly out of the ordinary.
A few examples?
Contrasting effects and assonances in styles have been used to create outfits that really leave their mark, and where some of our shirts have been used to their full potential.

A total white shirt meets with the warm geometrical shapes of an African wax fabric skirt for an outfit that is elegant but spirited at the same time.

The retro style of these trousers is underlined by the tone-on-tone white shirt, wrapped in an unexpected, yet perfect way by a striped dust coat.

And to finish, all the elegance of a small cape in silk georgette and lace, under which we can see the bright white of a women’s shirt, fastened up to the neck.

Do you want to know more about where you can find Xacus shirts and other wear?
Keep reading our store window feature.


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