Summer shirts: the ones to choose and how to wear them


The men’s shirts dropping for spring-summer 2021 come in premium, innovative, cool, and breathable fabrics, so you can mix impeccable elegance with unbeatable comfort. Solid colours in bright tones alternate with dusty shades that create a charming used, vintage effect. Fits have been reinvented for modern, slim styles to bring you the perfect combination of timeless elegance that comes from regimental cotton shirts with a denim effect, as well as a versatility that comes from structures that pair well with the casual chic of a deconstructed blazer and, like all beautifully made garments, look just perfect when you wear it over your favourite jeans, even worn open over a t-shirt.

The flagship piece of the collection, made exclusively in-house at Xacus is the men’s shirt in a yarn-dyed linen cotton blend chambray by Albini, leading manufacturer of yarns Made In Italy. The unique characteristics of this fabric is its natural lived-in look, known as the “frosted effect”, which comes from the mix of colours used to create the weave. The ideal outfit in this case calls for chinos with five pockets or with darts and vertical pockets, but for truly a chic holiday feel, wear it outside a comfy pair of linen trousers.


The same successful combination comes from using one of the best-loved, go-to choices for influencers in the hotter months: the seersucker shirt which, with its gently puckered weave, creates a slight gap between the garment and the body for excellent cool breathability. The name comes from the fabric’s Indian origins, which called this weave - smooth stripes alternated with other, wavier ones - “milk and sugar” a reference to the consistency that have made it so successful for over a century, independently of the many different fashions.

Eastern inspiration continues in style evolution with another high-impact detail that even manages to contaminate the very definition of classical elegance and rightfully becoming a staple essential in the male wardrobe. We are talking about the mandarin collar shirt, popular with male wearers, especially in its linen version, because it represents the perfect balance of comfort and a style that likes to break with traditional pre-packaged elegance, so much so that Giorgio Armani has made it a hallmark in his designs, together with total black and tone-on-tone blue which, on summer nights, bring out the best of the male physique, for elegance with attitude and sensual flair. A premium jersey shirt is perfect for the season, with its flexible, perfect fit to suit any time of day, thanks to the different colours in the Xacus collection.

And for those of you with no intention of not looking on-trend in the sun or on the beach at sunset, there’s nothing better to inspire you than a Hawaiian shirt. This season’s absolute must-have, with short sleeves and a bowling collar, dressed up with all-over prints in brand new colours and designs on poplin and ultra-light muslin. The exotic effect of jungle graphics adds a personal touch, thanks to choices of elegant, carefully chosen colour combinations for a look that’s all about relaxation and a stylish summer look.

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