Sustainable fashion: the cutting-edge no-iron fabric in merino wool with Reda Active.


Merino-shirt, manufactured in collaboration with prestige woollen mill, Reda, is a breathable, odour-free shirt that regulates heat as well as being the latest development in no-iron shirts. Made in 100% extra-fine merino wool, the Merino-shirt is an excellent example of sustainable production, thanks to the innovations in its production cycle.


ZQ Merino: “ethical” merino wool that’s friendly to animals.

The merino wool used to make Merino-shirt items is guaranteed by ZQ Merino certification and is rated “ethical” because it is selected and made through sustainable management of environmental, economic and social resources, safeguarding the wellness of people and animals. The hillside farms of New Zealand, where the sheep graze freely, are well treated, well fed and live naturally, without being subjected to mulesing. These conditions guarantee a product of the highest quality that guarantees maximum fibre performance in terms of heat regulation and soft fabric. A ZQ natural fibre is entirely traceable, right back to the farms where it is mixed, which means we can always guarantee the integrity of our products, since they can be directly connected to the people who make them. It is a way for us to guarantee the authenticity of our wool and keep track of its origin and destination.

Sustainable fashion and social responsibility.

All farmers who provide merino wool create a Farm Environmental Plan (FEP) to manage the impact of their property since every farm is different. Many farmers have their own environmental project and are careful with the natural surroundings and countryside they call home: for some of them, this commitment translates as planting native species of trees, protecting a species of local eel, or making sure that the lake and streams are clean enough for their water to be drinkable. Sustainable farming is closely tied to the health and wellbeing of our farmers and their families, their workers and the local community. The ZQ programme promotes safety for those who live and work on farms or who visit them, as well as helping to ensure improved health and safety in the workplace, equal pay and access to a stable income through a contract model.

With the Merino-shirt, Xacus continues along its path towards sustainable fashion, creating a genuine expression of the innovations in technology and performance and doing so in pure Italian style, through important collaborative projects with the most important companies, such as Reda.

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