The linen shirt – an organic fibre from Albini with a long-standing tradition


The linen shirt is much appreciated for its versatile style, reflecting its origins as a handmade fabric; with the features relating to this organic fibre and the extensive selection carried out by Xacus, yarns of superior quality are obtained, produced with top-class processings that result from a true mission in research and production.

A major reference point in the high-end yarns sector is Albini, which can boast over 140 years of experience in growing and producing high-quality fabrics, with strictly traceable supply chains.

Luca Buttarelli, Albini Commercial Director, talks to us about their linen. Produced in Normandy, it is the absolute star of the summer collections; from metres of yarn in countless colour variations, it forms the impeccable structure of a man’s shirt, breathable and comfortable, and suitable for covering the many needs of the modern man, whose day ranges from a meeting in the office to a boat trip at sunset, without the danger of falling into lapses of style. It also provides kaftans and shirtdresses for a woman who is always elegant and attentive to details.


An important preconception we should consider relates to the common conviction that linen must be produced in warm areas: false, because linen, in fact, needs a cool climate with a lot of rain – a climate that can easily be found in the areas of Normandy where we cultivate this fibre, known for its thermo-regulating characteristics, able to protect from both cold and heat, and also to hold back moisture much more than many other yarns.

“The spinning process we use enables the fabric quality to remain high over time. Because, by its very nature, linen has irregularities, being a vegetable fibre. So it is the procedure used in spinning that makes the difference, eliminating or limiting the irregularities. The more irregularities (the so-called nests) are limited, the more the expectations of a high-end product. Our linen, without doubt, has a more uniform result”. Luca Buttarelli speaks with pride, adding a second point that distinguishes the Albini product from the others on the market; this is the wide range of colour shades offered by the Albini firm.

From indanthrene colours to pre-faded ones, they extend the range with infinite colour variants in subdued shades, allowing a client like Xacus to offer shirts in unusual colour-tones, appealing to the customer looking for an innovative product for leisurewear. Some colour shades, in fact, have the advantage of giving depth to the fabric, as well as a more matt effect in contact with the light – ideal for a more informal, more relaxed use of the shirt.


A theme of primary importance, especially today, is sustainability, of which linen is a natural ally because, from the point of view of its actual cultivation, it is less invasive compared with cotton, as it does not require the use of antibacterial chemicals and it is necessarily grown in rainy areas, so the water it needs is not artificial in nature. Our linen, grown in Europe, is certified as European Flax, so the environmental impact caused by its transport is cancelled out because the product remains within the borders of our continent.

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