The military shirt: a sophisticated yet free-flowing style


The revival of the military shirt, which is making a comeback in magazines and on catwalks in all shapes and colours, reflects a return to a more practical style. This garment has been adopted by the “Made in Italy” movement and has given military fashion a whole new meaning. Thanks to innovative materials, prints and details such as shoulder epaulettes and patch pockets, military fashion no longer needs to rely on the much-outdated camouflage print in order to make a statement.

Whether you’re into desert colours or a classic US army-style print, this is the perfect look for when you’re on the go. The military shirt boasts a bold yet minimal style and is made from more structured fabrics such as poplin and cotton drill. Pair it with jeans or chinos for a trendy urban look, or with trainers and Bermuda shorts for a more laid-back style.

Although it may not be a classic business look, this Italian collar shirt has become somewhat of a staple in men's wardrobes, forming part of a new metropolitan style and redefining the meaning of elegance. Available in colours we all know and love, such as military green, blue and grey.

The gusseted patch pockets are reminiscent of a Saharan-style field jacket, which has inspired the casual military fashion craze that has taken runways by storm. Paired with jeans or cargo trousers tucked into combat boots, the military shirt recalls the irresistible charm of the “man in uniform”, such as the iconic Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert De Niro in Men of Honour and Ryan Gosling in his formidable interpretation of Neil Armstrong in First Man.

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