The white shirt: all the fabrics for the spring-summer season.


The white shirt is an essential wardrobe staple and just perfect for leisure time, if you are seeking a casual look; but it’s also a great choice for dressing up with a dark suit for an elegant dinner or formal occasion. The white shirt offers a surprising range of variations and it remains a timeless classic when it comes to combining style and simple elegance. Its unrivalled versatility never goes out of style and has been reinvented so many times by important designers that it is now an established - and accessible - choice, whatever the occasion. And with the coming spring-summer season, it's time to take a look at the best shirt fabrics and models that best suit different occasions.

White shirt in casual style.

If it’s an informal look you’re after, for a stylish, yet relaxed and comfortable look for drinks with friends, or just enjoying the carefree fun of spring, then cotton and linen are the ideal choice. The white linen shirt with mandarin or spread collar in the new collection is available in two types of fabric: the classic in 100% linen, a must for the summer, and a seersucker in compact yarn made in an 80% cotton - 20% linen blend. Lovers of softness and comfort will enjoy the pique cotton jersey, an elegant choice that’s bound to be noticed. This lightweight stretch material is made in 100% cotton lisle, ideal for a trip out on the lake. Those who tend to opt for a more casual style will be sure to choose the white shirt in Oxford cotton, a textured fabric with a hard-wearing structure that works beautifully with a button-down collar or with washed models for a vintage chic flavour.

White shirt in elegant, business style.

For those formal, workplace situations, clothes really do make the man, and choosing the perfect outfit is the first step when it comes to making the right impression. A white shirt is bound to have its effect. The important thing is to choose an elegant collar, such as the Kent or the semi spread, and a nice, bright, lightweight cotton that's easy to wear. If you like plain non-textured fabrics, then you can choose the shirt in poplin double-twisted, a top-quality fabric with a great history and tradition, as well as being compact and able to create a decidedly bright, elegance. For the more elegant among you, who like their fabrics to have a tiny but perceivable weave, then the obvious choice is a twill shirt in a prestigious Monti fabric, with its lightweight effect that is just perfect for every season and features an excellent sheen and consistency without being too transparent. Alternatively, if you are looking for incredible lightness combined with a bright effect, we recommend a fine 80/1 textured single yarn known as Brezza made by Monti. This is a top-quality material that is perfect for wearing under a jacket to create that stylish look. 


Whether it's for an important evening, an inauguration, a wedding, a day wandering about museums, or a trip to the beach or the countryside, a white shirt is always the winning choice when it comes to showing your style with confidence.

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