Travel journal: Santorini. The pearl of the Aegean Sea


Santorini, the gem of the Cyclades, is a stunning postcard where the typical Greek flag colours paint steps, houses, terraces and characteristic restaurants, spread out in strategic points of the island to enjoy moussaka, pita and tzatziki in front of breathtaking sunsets.
We walk around dressed in our cool cotton muslin shirts to feel the fresh air of the Aegean Sea on our skin. My bowling-neck shirt and floral prints evoke the colours of the island's architecture and take me right into the holiday mood, among Oia's white houses reflecting the sunlight, marble-paved streets, art galleries and shops inviting you to go browse among the typical handcrafts.

A trip to Amoudi Bay, where you can find Santorini's best fresh fish, and off to get changed and enjoy the sunset. A ritual to be admired from any point gained with creativity and imagination, from the terrace of a house high above the kore to the white wall at the top of the steps, along with the traditional collective applause as the sun dips into the sea. Our linen shirts are just the most appropriate choice in the warm light of the sunset. That delavé effect in shades of strawberry and saffron seemed to follow the different shades given by the sun as it greeted our first day on the blue-domed island.
The next day the sea beckons. Direction Red beach, heading South. It is the best known beach on the island, reached after a fairly steep but doable walk. But the spectacle is worth the effort, especially if you take advantage of a taxi boat to reach the famous White Beach. It's hot, quite hot, but we face it in style: thin-striped shirt in cool, breathable linen, open swim trunks, in sea colours.

But time is running out and we can't wait to discover another of this island's dreamy spots: the black beach of Vlicada, also in the South, has white rocks behind it creating a beautiful contrast with the sandy shore. Not far away, we had a light lunch by the pool at the tavern Meroula.
Dinner time is approaching, but not before ending the day with another enchanting glance at the sky dyed in warm hues as the sun sets. White linen shirt, French collar and impeccable fitting, a real must-have to enjoy evenings by the sea. Our evening starts and while deciding between a table at Assyrtico or at Firostefani, we walk and feeling brave enough, we decide to walk to Imerovigli: the highest viewpoint of Santorini, ideal for sunsets. An explosion of white, pure, blinding lights. From there, the view is astonishing, with those fascinating infinity pools and lights that seem to be sharing some secrets to each other. Who knows what they are telling each other.

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