Valentine’s Day 2018: four women’s shirts for four special outfits


There’s always an element of doubt about what to wear on Valentine’s Day. Obviously, the occasion calls for a certain amount of elegance, but the hard part lies in deciding how much and how to create it. An outfit that is too casual won’t go with the tone that the evening deserves, while too much elegance will look exaggerated and too formal. We have chosen four outfits: chic styles with just the right touch of elegance to give you some ideas for your own Valentine’s Day 2018.

You can’t go wrong with a white shirt and jacket
This might be the simplest combination, but it’s certainly not boring. A white shirt isn’t any old garment. Take Gioia, with its asymmetric cut, concealed buttons and polka dots in fil coupé - elegant details that make it a truly special shirt and one that’s ideal for a St Valentine’s evening.
The powder pink jacket adds a soft, delicate touch that is balanced out by the deep blue of the jeans, a perfect way to play down the elegance of the outerwear.

Oversized shirt-coat: trendy comfort
If dressing up for Valentine’s Day means following the latest fashion trends and choosing original items, then this is the ideal outfit choice. The Heidi oversized striped shirt is worn as a coat and since it is in wool, it can guarantee the same level of comfort and warmth.
For this outfit, Heidi is worn over the unusual ruffled Agnese shirt, which adds a romantic feel to the whole outfit, and an elegant pair of woollen trousers with soft, trendy volumes along the same lines as the fabric used for Heidi.

Gilet and hat: for the unconventional
The most extravagant of our outfit combinations: a white ruffled shirt for a uniquely romantic feel that contrasts the bolder look of the gilet and hat. What achieves balance here are the colours – the ultra-sophisticated black and white. The gilet and hat add an unexpected elegance: a garment and an accessory capable of surprising and creating the perfect appeal for Valentine’s Day.

A warm snuggly coat
Here’s how to dress up for Valentine’s Day if the temperature drops to below zero. A coat is essential in this case and the one we have here is not just any coat. This camel coat with shawl is the ideal way to cover up on a cold evening while maintaining that absolutely on-trend effect.
Worn with a shirt with ton sur ton repeated motifs, and a pair of skinny jeans, it creates a practical outfit for a look that is pure class.

Choose your own elegant combination for a uniquely special Valentine’s Day look.

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