Valentine's day: a shirt for the woman you love


The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and the best way to celebrate is to choose a gift for the woman you love that will make her happy.
We can suggest the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, precious style ideas that will definitely leave their mark.

A black shirt in pleated cotton, with an empire waist.
This model is perfect for a woman with pale skin and fair hair as it emphasises her colouring. It is elegant but at the same time, not too serious and it also works perfectly with a pair of cigarette pants in beige or nude shades.

Do you like elegance, as long as it’s outside the box?
Choose a women’s shirt in silk with frilled collar and ribbon tie. As well as being a pleasure to wear, it also gives a bold touch that has its own singular charm. The fit has just the right softness and the shirt can be worn inside a skirt or trousers. The perfect match, as ever, is black, to bring out its full style.

To stand out with a special gift, then why not select a women’s shirt dress in cotton, with Madras checks and a cowl neck. It can be worn as a dress over tights or leggings, or paired with slim-fit, narrow-leg trousers. This model glides beautifully over the body and looks great on women with dark hair.

Make Valentine’s Day even more special. Choose style.

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