Wearing a shirt on St. Valentine's night: four outfits for him


Today is the 14 February: the day for celebrating those in love. Those planning on celebrating this evening will undoubtedly be busy picking a gift for their loved one and perhaps, will not yet have thought about what to wear on this special evening.
So, we have decided to simplify the choice, recommending four original outfits for you, with different styles to meet the needs and personality of each one of you.

All the elegance of a dinner jacket
If your St. Valentine’s night out takes place in an elegant context, a jacket is essential. By choosing a black, fully destructed jacket with peak lapels, you can create an informal but sophisticated look, combining grey jeans and a stretch white shirt with small Italian collar. This will give you a moderate yet elegant fashion look.

The timeless overcoat and its purpose
St. Valentine's 2018 is expected to be cold so, if you plan to go out or are out in the open, you will need to take into account the harsh February weather. In this case, the overcoat is ideal, especially if worn over a sophisticated shirt like the white poplin one we recommend. Easy to match and with flowing volumes (in line with current trends) the outfit can be completed with a speckled grey wool double-breasted overcoat and slim fitting, dark blue trousers with welt pocket.

Plain coloured and patterned to ensure you do not go wrong
If a white shirt seems too classic, you can choose one with an unusual pattern that reflects your personality. We recommend this unique, detailed one with the white and burgundy motif on a blue background from the Albini Weaving Factory. For a clean-cut, trendy look, you can match a plain coloured jacket, like the one in Alpaca burgundy, to pick up one of the shirt's colours.
Add a touch of vivacity by wearing a dark blue flat cap to enhance the outfit with its elegant, vintage style.

Two different patterns to be a little daring
If you wish to be capricious and faultless at your St. Valentine’s dinner, match two different patterns to achieve a daring outfit. Choose a shirt with Liberty of London print and a damask jersey jacket to achieve a warm, lively look. Choose similar shades for the jacket and shirt to be sure to get it right, like the blue and burgundy used for this outfit.

All you need to do now is pick the perfect outfit, bring along your gift and spend an enjoyable evening in the company of the one you love.

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