When a non-iron shirt is all you need: 5 perfect occasions to use an Active-shirt


Appointments, intercontinental travel, non-stop work commitments, days punctuated by meetings and intense moments in your private life: today’s man is dynamic, constantly on the move and always rushing around with myriad things to do.

In spite of everything, the desire for practical clothes is never at the expense of the search for style, even in this third millennium.

And so the real must-have of the future is a shirt that never creases, like the new Xacus Active-shirt, a high-quality technological evolution of the non-iron shirt that can guarantee perfect wearability as it adjusts to the body’s temperature. Without even having touched an iron, it will always remain smooth and look perfect, from the early morning to late at night.

Let’s have a look at 5 occasions in your daily life when you won’t be able to do without that incredibly convenient garment called the Active-shirt.


When you go to the office by bike or motorbike

On Monday mornings, when the traffic’s impossible, your athletic side suggests you take advantage of the lovely weather to grab hold of the handlebars and go to the office by bike, because there’s no way you’re going to get stuck in mile-long queues with car-horns blaring. However, there’s still a lot of road to cover and it’s really not appropriate to arrive at your destination in a shirt full of creases and stained with sweat right from the early morning. The ideal choice is without doubt an Active-shirt, specially designed for the businessman who looks after his health with the right dose of physical activity.


For a meeting with that client on the other side of the world

Continual business trips all over Italy, and especially abroad, can try the patience even of those with the most cheerful dispositions. When life is spent between transfers by car or taxi, check-ins, hours in flight and in meetings all in very different time-bands, carrying a man’s Active-shirt in your luggage is the ideal solution. Ready to meet any difficult situation and always showing itself in all its elegance, the Active-shirt is the perfect ingredient for an immaculate look.


When you have a full day of appointments 

It isn’t necessary, however, to travel across oceans to be on the move the whole day, with a diary full of appointments, from one office to the next. Cool is the way is the motto of the man who knows how to adopt a style that’s unfailingly impeccable. When the pace of your life is this intense, you need a breathable, wrinkle-free shirt that can control the body’s humidity level, avoiding excessive perspiration. Active-shirt uses high-performance technology to cope with even the busiest days.

 When the lunch-break means fitness

We’ve talked about the man who doesn’t give up on style, but not on his fitness, either. And so what could be better than a little healthy exercise? What better time than the lunch-break to stop by the gym? Your sports bag is all ready to take the evolution of the non-iron shirt, which will remain immaculate and can be worn before you go back to work just as if it’s been freshly ironed. Your style will remain flawless but particularly, when you put it on after a quick shower, it won’t stick to your skin but will feel super-breathable and comfortable.


When you want to be impeccably dressed to take your favourite lady to dinner

To round off on an affectionate note this review of perfect occasions for wearing a Xacus shirt, we couldn’t fail to mention dinner in that chic restaurant downtown, where you promised to take your favourite lady, after a whole day at work. But time’s getting on, and thinking about ironing a shirt while you’re trying not to be late crossing the city traffic, isn’t ideal. Do you arrive late for your date or give up on the elegance of a high-quality man’s shirt? You do neither of these because today you have the answer: the Active-shirt.

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