Women’s shirt sleeves – Part II


In the previous article we talked about the sleeves on women’s shirts: the way in which they are made, their characteristics and the styles they reflect.
But there are many more models to discover, from the more sober to the more elaborate, and from classic styles to those with a more eccentric feel.

Today we’re taking a look at other types and at the details that make each one different.

A classic style, with the sleeve rolled up to above the elbow. The turnup is fastened by a tab that is fixed to the shirt with a button.

The name says it all. Horizontal seams give volume to the sleeve, creating a shape that is similar to that of a lantern. This is a squarer version of the Puffed sleeve and the shape makes it more serious in style.

Simple and close fitting. This is the classic version of the timeless three-quarter length sleeve.

Ideal for those who love to wear a woman’s shirt with a simple, sober style: a plain short sleeve where the feature point is a single turn up.

A sleeve with a wide cuff that is folded back once before fastening wth a button or cufflink, so as to keep all the fabric layers together. A French cuff never fails to create a chic, tidy look.

A soft fit for a long sleeve that flares gently, ending in a tight cuff.

A very soft short sleeve where the elegance is expressed in its draping. Ideal for those seeking a cool yet refined look.

As the name itself says, this is the poet’s sleeve. It is fitted from shoulder to elbow before becoming wider down to the wrist. The cuff then ends in a delicious composition of ruffles.

Want to know more about women’s shirt sleeves?
Stay tuned!

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