Women’s shirts, for a summer 2020 that’s all about style.


A contemporary, transversal language runs through the whole women’s shirts range in the spring/summer 2020 collection. This collection is all about the great classics, brand new models with unique, stylish appeal. Shirts to define the style of the women who wear them. A tribute to shirts, to elegance and to an innovative flair, without forgetting fit and performance, thanks to a choice of top-quality fabrics, for maximum comfort that feels great on the skin. From models with masculine, over-sized fits, to blouses and exclusive shirt jackets, dresses, and stylish shirt dresses. This is a collection with all the shades of summer, plus stripes and prints, and soft pastels for a surprising, romantic journey into the world of women’s fashions.

A whole palette for summer.

Ultra-elegant shirt dresses and dresses in different lengths, with lapel collar, funnel neck or even a V-neck. The palette embraces a range of natural tones, such as chocolate, dove grey and ochre, brightened up with patterns in red, magenta, light blue, and emerald. Monochromes, together with timeless pastels feature on blouses and shirts with classic cuts or softer fits, in a range of pictorial patterns, florals, and abstracts, as well as in delicate stripes or geometric designs and checks.

And of course, the essentials, in all shapes and styles, from the most classic colours used in men’s shirts, such as blue and light blue, reinterpreted in a feminine key to bring out the best in any outfit.

The perfect fit for a season when it comes to comfort.

Brand new fits to sit fluidly on the body with a variety of models for every occasion: from elegant shirt jackets to lightweight dresses, slim-fit shirts and classic designs, including with Mandarin collars, for the timeless appeal that has also transferred to trapezoid blouses, tank tops and of course, the essential tees.

Bright, cool, breathable fabrics are a must-have in the warm season, for unique wear and comfort. From lightweight cotton poplins, to crisp, cool linens, blends, viscose, satin, and jersey. These are the ideal textures for muggy days and clothes that feel great on the skin. 

Xacus’ innovative nature even shines through in The Journey Collection, with the Revolution silk project, the result of an exclusive collaboration with fabric makers, Tessitura Taiana, and a technical fabric in silk used to create a series of inimitable, packable, easy-care shirts.

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