Women’s shirts, tucked in or worn outside trousers: all the style tips


There are those who call it bold and daring, and others who find it faux shabby. For others still, it is already a cult look, an au naturel style that is eye-catching from the very first glance. We’re talking about women’s shirt and trouser combinations, where the shirt is worn outside the trousers. This look is on the catwalks, at every fashion week and in all the fashion blogs. But when should we be wearing it?

Women’s shirt, both slightly tucked in and a little outside the trousers
This is definitely a casual way to wear a shirt. Create an unconventional outfit that is cool and a little bit sensual. This look helps to define the waistline without focusing all of the attention on this point.
There are two different ways of wearing a shirt half tucked in and half out. In the first case, we tuck in the front of the shirt only, remembering to leave it loose so that it partly falls over the waistline. In the second case, all that is tucked into the trousers is one half: the left or right side, as you prefer. This only works with button shirts: they need to be unbuttoned up to the part where they meet the trousers. At this point, you choose which of the two halves to tuck in, leaving the shirt loose enough to create a more casual style.

Women’s shirt worn tucked into trousers
Tucking a shirt completely into trousers creates a style with certain retro qualities and a slightly formal, elegant feel. It works really well with high-waisted trousers and with trousers that stand out for their specific decorations and waist darts. At this point, there is no reason not to add a belt to normal trousers to enhance this accessory.
The shirt needs to be tucked in, front and back, not forgetting to raise both arms once the outfit has been completed; this lets the shirt come out a little and leaves it just light and airy enough.

Wearing a shirt over trousers
Generally speaking, long shirts and shirts with a comfy fit are worn over the trousers to make the most of their soft fit or other distinguishing features. In this case, we recommend wearing tight-fitting or in any case not overly loose trousers to emphasise the shape of the shirt. The style of this outfit is certainly formal but it can also be casual when combined with a nice pair of sneakers.

Now we have shown the three main ways to wear a shirt and trouser combination, you can have fun creating new outfits for any occasion, using pieces from your wardrobe.

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