X-CARE dark shirts: all the combinations you need to create smart outfits with the utmost confidence.


X-Care, a great new product from Xacus, is presented with a choice of fabrics and styles that make it ideal for all types of look. A technological shirt that keeps viruses and bacteria away, thanks to the exclusive treatment developed by Swiss company Heiq together with the Albini Group. It gives you all-day protection against pathogens, destroying them in just a few minutes, thanks to the use of silver particles. The proposals from the X-Care collection include dark shirts, the perfect way to stand out with class and style, every day. However, we don’t always have clear ideas about the most suitable occasion for a dark shirt, and above all, how it can be mixed and matched for impeccable style results. Let's take a look.

The blue shirt, a stylish choice.

Let’s start with the X-Care blue shirt, which is synonymous with contemporary elegance and creates the perfect base for an impeccable men’s outfit that will see you through the different moments of the day. The first tip is to pair the shirt with another item or an outfit that makes it stand out, such as a grey check suit for a refined, fashionable look, that can be enhanced with a pair of black Oxford shoes. A blue shirt with black chinos is ideal when creating a casual, contemporary outfit that can be completed with a dark grey, unstructured blazer and pair of black leather brogues for that extra twist. Worn over light-coloured trousers with a pair of sneakers, the blue shirt can become a perfect solution when creating a casual, yet always impeccable look to take you through the whole day. And for those who love their denims, we recommend pairing a blue shirt with deep blue, slim fit jeans: add a dove grey pullover and a pair of dark loafers to make it the stand-out piece of a smart, casual look that fits well in the workplace.

A black shirt: versatile style for a day-to-night look.

The black shirt is considered to be a classic of any man’s wardrobe, thanks to the excellent versatility that makes it perfect for formal occasions, as well as for free time. It’s not a seasonal item, since it can be worn to create a range of different outfits in summer and winter alike. And for lovers of total black, this X-Care shirt  with small cutaway collar, is the key piece of a refined, minimal look consisting of strictly black jacket and trousers.

For a daytime occasion, such as a working lunch or meeting, a grey suit paired with a black shirt is the perfect combination to create a classy outfit, made even more elegant with a tone-on-tone tie, belt and black leather lace-ups. If you want to make another smart choice, then why not go for a salt and pepper tweed or a midnight blue suit?

A black shirt is a must-have when it comes to adding elegance to even the most casual looks. With a pair of dark blue jeans, black creates a great combination of style and practical wear, especially when you add a pair of sneakers. And if you wear it with classic trousers in cool, deep grey wool, then a black shirt is great for work, under a grey cashmere vest and matched with a pair of black brogues to add a classic touch.

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