X-Care the shirts with innovative antivirus and antibacterial fabrics.


Four fabrics for an extraordinary shirt: the new men’s and women’s X-CARE items are here, the Xacus collection that takes care of the health of those wearing it. The patented Viroformula™ treatment, applied exclusively for Xacus by the Albini Group, prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria, including Sars CoV-2 which is responsible for Covid 19, by destroying them using silver particles. The high-spectrum activated antiviral reaction reduces the risk of contamination and transmission, giving life to the first shirt in the world that keeps pathogenic agents at bay

X-CARE's exclusive treatment lasts for up to 30 washes in the washing machine, is ecosustainable and dermatologically tested. It is now available in Poplin, Stretch Poplin, Twill and Royal Oxford fabrics for men's shirts, and Stretch Poplin for women's items.

State-of-the-art shirts that combine the technical performance of the ViroformulaTM treatment with the unmistakeableXacus style and the elegance of four special materials with antiviral and antibacterial treatment. Let's look at them one by one in detail.

Poplin: light, smooth and tightly-woven.

The Poplin fabric armour has a tighter weave of the warp, that makes it particularly resistant, lending the shirt a characteristic smooth, shiny effect. Sophisticated and suitable for the office and for a formal evening, the poplin has a cool, compact surface that provides excellent wearability and allows the garments to easily slide under jackets and pullovers.


Twill: soft, versatile and a delicate feel.

The Twill shirts are perfect for those travelling frequently and who need garments that stay perfectly uncreased, whether being worn or in a suitcase. The special armour, known as twill, where the where twisted warp and weft threads are diagonally crossed at 45 degrees, making this fabric soft, compact and delicate to the touch. The colours are bright and its lightness makes it ideal for the office and for situations where you need to look impeccable all day long, while always comfortable.

Royal Oxford: essential in everyone’s wardrobe.

The Royal Oxford fabric made in two-ply yarn uses the same process as Oxford, but with thinner yarns of the same colour in a basket weave, that form a light checked pattern to the touch. An even more refined effect, reminiscent of silk, with glints that make it perfect for a formal outfit of for the office, but also suited to a more casual style with a chic touch, thanks to the lightness, comfort and shine that distinguish it.


Stretch Poplin: perfect for a dynamic, contemporary style.

Stretch Poplin is the top choice for comfort and quality in terms of resistance, wearability and freedom of movement.  The compactness and brightness of this fabric offer a pleasant touch and a sensation of naturalness, due to the cotton covering of the elastomer yarn. The structural elasticity of the fibre does not change over time and adapts perfectly to the body, lending a dynamic, versatile style to anyone wearing it.


With X-CARE, you can have a wide choice of exclusive fabrics to make you feel even safer and keep viruses and bacteria at bay.  Discover the whole collection!

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