Xacus shirts arrive at Pitti Immagine Uomo for the next SS23.


The Xacus shirts collection for SS23 continues along its style path, combining the sheer elegance of traditional tailoring from high-end shirt making, with technological innovation developed for the study of cutting-edge, top-performance fabrics. The result, once again, totally lives up to the expectations for a collection created in line with the cultural background and expertise that have been preserved over the years and now, restyled into what one might term an “evolved classic”, dedicated to contemporary man.

The aesthetic is based first and foremost on quality and an impeccable fit, thanks to fabrics that are now the cornerstones and strengths of the brand,  such as the Active shirt, back with its cool, impalpable feel in a new mix of prints and micro patterns, suitable for business through to casual wear, in textured fabrics and even in a sophisticated leisure version with linen-effect prints.

The big must-have for the warm season is linen, a heat regulating fabric with a consistently cool feel that is so easy to wear; a versatile yarn with different personalities, and now back for this collection in mixed linen and flamed effects, for a classic with an even more refined sheen. A palette of sky blues, blues and turquoise pave the way for the new on-trend shades that are dominating the season: pink and antique rose. Shades that are also present in shirts made with new mixes in merino wool, developed in natural tones as well as in a denim-effect blue. Our new linen blend shirts also have a soft, comfy fit and a contemporary shape. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of hypervitaminic colours, including on-trend yellow, green, and purple. And while on the subject of minimal cut and fashion shapes, let's welcome the broderie anglaise shirt for men, the authentic style touch you need for this spring summer season, and one that opens the doors to a freer, more gender fluid look. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for the very latest technical shirts in polyester and linen, with the rough, optical effect that comes from this yarn.
Army shirts and safari shirts with frogging, double pocket and bellows pockets, in a range of natural shades and jungle prints, made in cool, crisp fabrics with a silk effect that comes from the addition of Tencel to the blend. These come to join the very latest models in Japanese fabric, with an eye-catching terry towelling effect worthy of the very latest catwalks in the shades khaki and sage green.

Xacus’ collection of stripes for next season gives this great classic a whole new energy, thanks to some bolder versions with sure appeal: we are talking about bayadere-style colourful striped shirts  in linen blends. Of course, there are still some traditional looks, but in a range of different widths and colours, and linen-effect prints for a larger-than-life visual impact.

The Kent collar shirt is back to satisfy increasingly discerning consumers, always in search of ideas that will give them a classic, timelessly elegant look.
The Flex shirt has been developed in coloured stripes and cottons, polyamide, and elastane, with the inclusion of new polycotton versions that, thanks to a special treatment, have a particularly cool, fresh feel

Denim, the timeless iconic fabric for every generation, is back under the spotlight in this collection too, with a range of washes and weights, to complete a yuppie or country chic look, and to bring out the more independent side of your personality.
When it comes to sustainability, we must not forget the new sustainable  packaging and accessories: certified card from the FSC Chain of Custody. A chain of custody that serves to ensure that FSC-certified material is always identified and separated from non-certified, uncontrolled materials along the supply chain, from the forest through to sale.

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