Xacus works towards the circular economy and safeguarding the environment.


Xacus has long been a brand focusing on technological innovation and the health of our planet, a focus that we put into effect by optimizing our production processes so that we always offer sustainable products designed for consumers who are more and more aware and attentive to the choices they make. We believe that safeguarding the environment starts right from our day-to-day actions and choices, and this is why we have committed to the circular economy concept, always seeking new ways to come up with products and virtuous production processes that have little impact and a high social and territorial value.


Circular economy: what is it and what are the advantages?

The circular model is based on the principle of an economy programmed to be able to regenerate itself – an economic system designed to reuse materials in subsequent production cycles in order to reduce waste to a minimum. Unlike the old linear economy approach, based on access and availability of large amounts of resources and energy, the circular model centres on optimizing resources and the efficiency of processes. Following this principle, each product, in all its phases – from design, manufacture, consumption, and right down to its end-of-life destination – must take account of all possibilities of limiting the contribution of materials and energy in its production and minimize waste and leakages, safeguarding the surrounding area and the social value of the work. Xacus has fully accepted circular economy principles, starting with eco-design to create products that use recycled materials designed to be reused in turn, by re-inserting them into a continuous production process, one example of this being the Econyl yarn with which our Active-shirt is made.

Econyl, the yarn that safeguards the environment.

Econyl is not just an eco-friendly nylon: it represents a new way of thinking that combines innovation with protecting the environment. Thanks to our collaboration with the Healthy Seas organization, the production of this fibre derives from fishing nets recovered from ocean floors; abandoned by fishing boats, these cause environmental pollution and thousands of victims among marine species, especially turtles. The recovered fishing nets, together with other recycled materials, are regenerated and transformed into a new polyamide fibre having the same performance features and qualities as virgin polyamide. Using Econyl enables us to develop garments designed to be easily repaired, transformed and recycled, while always offering a very high-quality product. Once they have come to the end of their life-cycle, the garments in the Active collection can be 100% recycled along with other plastic materials to allow a new product to be created.

It’s a completely circular system in which the benefits for the environment are very high indeed, and we want to spread this culture by means of our garments and our production processes.

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